Sunday 21 April 2024

Bridging The Education Gap: Barr. Olujimi Oluseye's Philanthropic Endeavor

Bridging The Education Gap: Barr. Olujimi Oluseye's Philanthropic Endeavor

As schools resume on Monday, and in a proactive measure to support education and empower students in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo state, the Secretary of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State, Barrister Olujimi Oluseye, popularly known as the "Digital Secretary," generously donated THOUSANDS OF EXERCISE BOOKS across the 10 wards of Ifedore Local Government over the weekend. 

The timing of Barrister Oluseye's book distribution is aimed at providing essential educational materials during the upcoming academic session. This kind gesture has received widespread praise from various quaters, including the Muslim community, PDP Party Leaders, OBAs, and all the Communities in Ifedore Local government.
Barrister Oluseye's efforts extended far beyond party affiliations, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity. The distribution of books among the local communities demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that every child, regardless of religious background, has the opportunity to acquire knowledge and succeed academically.
He also maintain the position that he is not only investing in their academic growth but also instilling in them a sense of readiness and motivation to tackle their studies with fervor.

Unfortunately, not all students have equal access to educational resource materials, thereby resulting in an ever-widening education gap. 
 He ensured that parents and guardians, who are crucial in their children's education, could readily access these valuable resources. This proactive approach serves to empower parents, providing them with the tools necessary to support their children as the new academic session commences.

Barrister Olujimi philanthropic endeavor serves as an inspiration for other public figures, community leaders, and organizations to actively contribute to the improvement of education. By showcasing the impact one individual can make, his initiative raises awareness and encourages collective efforts to address the educational challenges faced by students.
Barrister Olujimi has demonstrated that education should be free from party affiliations and accessible to all. As schools reopen, his philanthropic effort will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing the academic experience of students, empowering parents, and inspiring others to invest in education for a brighter future.

Saturday 20 April 2024

Ifeoluwa Oyedele Campaign Organisation Strongly Condemns Outcome of Ondo APC Guber Primary Election

Ifeoluwa Oyedele Campaign Organisation Strongly Condemns Outcome of Ondo APC Guber Primary Election

20th April 2024 marks a dark chapter in the history of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State, as the party's primary election descended into chaos, fraud, and violence. This was contained in a statement signed by Hon. Segun Olukoju, the Director General, Ife Oyedele Campaign Organisation, aftermath of the Ondo State All Progressives Congress APC gubernatorial primary. 

"The blatant disregard for democracy, decency, and party unity displayed during this election is appalling and unacceptable."

"A primary election, which was meant to demonstrate the party's commitment to free, fair, and credible elections, instead turned into a disgraceful spectacle of manipulation and thuggery. The reported attacks on APC members in Akure and the glaring sporadic shooting at members of the party in Idanre who did not support Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, alongside heavy-handed tactics of vote buying, marred the entire process."

"It is deeply troubling to witness such eerie and blatant display of lawlessness in broad daylight. The actions of Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa and his supporters have not only shattered the integrity of the APC but also undermined the trust of the people of Ondo State in our ability to govern and conduct fair elections."

"When our principal received, a day before, the rumour of the plan to unleash terror during the elections he initiated a telephone conversation with the Governor. It is deeply regrettable that the Governor failed to rein in his goons even after our principals appeal and advice that a governorship ticket is not worth the blood of any human being."
Governor Aiyedatiwa must realize that his personal ambition should never come at the expense of the unity and progress of our party. By allowing this election to be tainted by violence and irregularities, he has betrayed the trust of the APC members and endangering the party's chances in the upcoming November elections."

"We, the Ife Oyedele Campaign Organization, unequivocally reject the outcome of this sham election. It is clear that the will of the people has been subverted, and justice must prevail. We call on the National Leadership of the APC to reject this election and take immediate steps to restore the integrity of our party."

"It is worrisome that the real opposition lies not outside but within our own ranks, where Governor Aiyedatiwa has sown seeds of discord and division. We urge all APC members to unite against this betrayal of our party's values and work towards a future where integrity, transparency, and unity prevail."

"Additionally, we call on the leadership of the party to critically investigate and conceal this charade of an election, as the future of the party and the trust and loyalty of the people are at stake."

#ONDO2024: APC Guber Aspirant, Odimayo Alleges Irregularities In The Ongoing APC Primaries

#ONDO2024: APC Guber Aspirant, Odimayo Alleges Irregularities In The Ongoing APC Primaries


• Calls for Cancellation 

 Prominent gubernatorial aspirant under the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State, Omo'ba Jimi Odimayo has voiced grave concerns over alleged irregularities in the ongoing APC primaries.

Odimayo has highlighted significant discrepancies between official communications from the State Working Committee and purported directives from Governor Aiyedatiwa to the National Working Committee. 

During a stakeholders meeting held recently, Odimayo brought to light findings that indicate deviations from party guidelines, particularly concerning the deployment of returning and electoral officers in their wards of origin, in violation of party regulations. 

He expressed dismay over reported assaults on his supporters who sought to exercise their franchise, noting that only supporters of the incumbent Governor Aiyedatiwa were permitted to participate in the voting process while other aspirant supporters were subjected to harassment and prevented from casting their votes.

Odimayo alleged that elections did not take place in all of the two hundred and three wards, as voters were allegedly barred from voting by suspected thugs believed to be affiliated with the incumbent Governor Aiyedatiwa.

These actions, according to Odimayo, not only undermine the principles of fair play but also contravene the core tenets of the APC.

Consequently, he has called upon President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR and the leadership of the APC to intervene and ensure the cancellation of the ongoing primaries, with a fresh primary election scheduled and conducted with transparency, fairness, and justice.

Odimayo emphasized the importance of upholding the integrity of the party's internal processes and urged all stakeholders to prioritize the collective interests of the APC and the people of Ondo State.

He reiterated his commitment to ensuring that every aspirant is afforded a fair chance, and democratic ideals are upheld without compromise.